Pool deck surfacing
TPV is the perfect solution when your surface may get wet.

When you want bright and durable colors for your playground or splash pad, TPV is the best choice.

TPV uses the newest generation of colored rubber polymers with 19 brilliant hues to choose from and offers superior color consistency thanks to its advanced U.V. stabilizers. TPV is also compatible with EPDM Rubber. Colored TPV granules are mixed with a polyurethane binder and troweled onto rubber buffings, creating a seamless, porous, yet soft safety surface for playgrounds or other applications.

Applications: Playgrounds, Parks, Schools, Splash Pads and Play Areas.
5-10 years depending on the system and warranty choices.
Granules come in 2 different sizes:
.5mm – 1.5mm & 1.5 mm – 4 mm.

TPV color choices


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