Wild packs of skateboarding dogs abusing park benches?

New park benches take on these ‘hot dog’ skaters, along with their human counter parts.


Ok, so we’re kidding about the wild packs of skateboarding dogs. But we’re not kidding about these new virtually indestructible park benches.

If your park benches and tables have gone to the dogs, then you need to call Hesscor. They install the toughest benches and tables in Arizona and they’re serious about installing outdoor furniture that will last a long time in our harsh environments, from not only Mother Nature but Man (and dogs) as well.

The benches and tables that Hesscor installs, come in a wide selection of colors and metal finishes as well. No need to ‘paws’, you’ll be sure to find the perfect solution for your next project when you contact Hesscor’s.

“Don’t ‘terrier yourself up’ over your next playground or park project.” Contact the experts at Hesscor today!